1. Construction on the Gracemere Industrial Area is well underway, according to valuers Herron Todd White.

    Their April review stated the GIA was the growth area to watch, with stage one of the 25Ha industrial estate, known as Gracemere Industry park by the Gibb Group, soon to be completed.

    Toll NQX have begun construction of their logistics facility, and Schwarz Excavation and CQ Quarries have purchased land sites.

    Logistics is expected to continue to be a major sector in the industrial market in 2014 as both Toll and Followmont are due to complete new facilities shortly.

    Gracemere has seen heavy investment by Rockhampton Regional Council and the State Government to establish Gracemere as an industrial hub to help support Central Queensland’s long-term industrial requirements.

    This investment includes the construction of an overpass providing direct access to the GIA which can be used by road trains.

    The report states the new Rockhampton planning scheme is likely to unlock additional industrial areas around Gracemere, with supply levels expected to remain high during 2014.

    Morning Bulletin – 4 April 2014