Toll NQX, Gracemere Industry Park

  • Gibb Group pre-leased and then delivered a new 6,990m2 logistics facility for Toll NQX in Rockhampton QLD. The investment was sold to Charter Hall.
  • Gibb Group sourced and acquired some 25 Ha of undeveloped land for the Toll pre-lease, and having secured Toll, went about delivering the infrastructure required to create Gracemere Industry Park. The Toll development required only 3 Ha.
  • Gracemere Industry Park is the first of its kind for the region and is set to become Central Queensland’s pre-eminent industry park catering for Owner-Occupiers and Tenants alike. The industry park can accommodate flexible allotments ranging in size from 6,500sqm through to 115,000sqm and will also cater for a wide range of users having land zoned low, medium and high impact.
  • Gracemere Industry Park is one of a few industrial estates where road trains are not only welcomed, but catered for, with wide estate roads and near immediate access to the Capricorn Highway and the Gracemere Industrial Area overpass.